Ending the podcast


I’m going to end my experiment in podcasting. It’s not taken off the way I had hoped. With lack of audience and interest, I’m not someone who enjoys talking to silence. It’s OK! Sometimes experiments don’t work out!

I’ll leave up the old podcasts on sandbox creation and the episodes that got a lot of interest. I’m not going to keep paying money to keep all of the episodes up on Soundcloud, so some will have to come down.

Thank you very much to those of you who gave feedback, asked questions or left reviews. I’ll still continue with the 3 Hexes series on my D&D blog but for now… signing off and I hope you all keep on gaming on!



  1. Things to consider:
    Soundcloud is a drag–requires a login to download.
    Not all of the pages for each episode here at the wordpress site have a “download directly” link.
    Not all of the entries at dungeonmastershandbook.wordpress.com/feed include links to the mp3 files.
    I like your podcast.


  2. Sorry to the podcast didn’t go the way you wanted. I found it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed what you have done. If you ever change your mind I enjoy listening to more if you made them.

    In the podcast you mention running a 10 year long campaign that meets once a month. I’m wondering what level your party is after 10 years and hear how there adventures have changed over those levels?


    • They have cycled through a couple of characters, and almost everyone has had at least 1 character die. Their current levels are around 5th or 6th, but I run mixed groups mostly, so there are some 3rd and 4th.

      They are fighting and facing bigger challenges, in both scope and scale. Larger forces, or more difficult foes. More impact on geographic scales.


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