Episode 13 – Wargames in your D&D campaign, Part 1

Charles Martel (c688-741) 'The Hammer' using a battle axe while repulsing the Moors at the Battle of Tours, near Poitiers, 732. King of Franks from 719. Grandfather of Charlemagne (747-814). Wood engraving 1892.
Credit: Universal History Archive/Getty Images

In this first of two parts, I talk about one of my favorite aspects of my D&D campaign world – wargaming alongside my D&D gaming in the same campaign. It’s full of challenges and considerations, but the payoff is so much fun!

Now hosted at archive.org:  Season 1 Episode 13 – Wargames in your D&D campaign, Part 1

Links from this episode:

Battle of McGillicuddy’s Farm: http://oldguyrpg.blogspot.com/2011/04/chainmail-battle-of-mcguillicuddys-farm.html (Campaign lore from a wargame battle)


Intro music: Dragonaut by Bradley The Buyer (bit.ly/2ASpAlF)
Outro music: Dream by Wild Shores (bit.ly/2jbJehK)


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